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Kundalini Yoga


Kundalini yoga-Yoga of Awareness. Kundalini yoga is so much more than working with your physical body. Please do not get me wrong.

We are working with our physical body, and very often it is very challenging, but our main focus in Kundalini yoga is the energy and purifying, purifying everything that needs to be purified so we become who we are, and not who we’re taught to be.  

I would say that kundalini yoga is complete yoga, because it is incorporating different techniques like pranayamas (breathing techniques), mantras (chanting the sound to affect consciousness), mudras (hand gestures) incorporating them into asanas (physical exercises) and meditations to connect to our soul, to know ourselves better, to remover blockages in our energy body as well as physical body, to release any repressed emotions, to strengthen our nervous system, to strengthen our aura…etc.

kundalini yoga meditation
Kundalini Yoga


Kundalini yoga is for everyone who wants to have better flow of life-force, prana through their body, who want to become more aware of themselves, their actions, their surroundings, who want to understand themselves and the world around them, who wants to love themselves and others, who wants to find the peace in their mind and gratitude in their heart, for all of those who want to live healthy, happy and joyful life.  

There is misconception that in order to do yoga you need to be flexible or that primary focus of doing yoga is to teach our bodies to be more flexible.

The main focus of Kundalini yoga is to actually realize how beautiful you are, and all of the good things flow from that.

Doing kriyas and mediations we’re purifying all those layers of ourselves that are blocking our true-natural self to shine through.

When we purify those layers, we’re making our nervous system and our minds more resilient, so we wouldn’t depend on external circumstances, so when the storm comes we are able to stand strong and not to be moved, just like the tree during a storm understanding and embracing every moment, enjoyable or less enjoyable.


The first time I took Kundalini yoga class I was drawn to it. Throughout the years, I took classes in many different styles of yoga and would quit after couple of months because I felt like yoga is not for me, due to the fact that I wasn’t capable to do certain postures, that I wasn’t flexible enough and very often would compare myself to others.

Kundalini yoga is a little bit different than other styles of yoga.

Your eyes are closed all the time during the exercises which means that there is no one else there, but only you, your energy, your mind, your thoughts and you go deep down inside of yourself and just listen deeply learning more about yourself every time and rooting yourself in what you truly are.

There is no comparison, there is no perfect posture because everyone is doing the best of their body capabilities. All you need to do is to do it the best you can, and be happy about it.

Kundalini yoga class