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"I AM"

I am Stasha-Shanti Puran Kaur, and my intention is to guide, inspire and empower you to live healthy, happy and fulfilled life. I’m passionate about empowering and guiding others to take control over their health and lifestyle changes, because every change starts with us and if we want to see healthy, happy world we need to start living healthy and happy.

I believe that in order to heal ourselves it is necessary to integrate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Our health definitely depends on what we eat, but at the same time in order to heal our whole body, mind and spirit and to reach total wellness we have to understand that healing is more than just what we eat, and that’s why I approach to wellness as a whole, combining different healing strategies that integrate body, mind, heart and spirit.

I began my healing journey when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer with a vision of healing myself. Through my own personal health challenges from anxiety, panic attacks, anger issues and thyroid cancer, I’ve experienced first-hand importance of integrating heart, body, mind and spirit approach towards optimum well-being.

So, after many years of searching, asking questions, discovering, learning and healing I’ve decided to help others to heal through teaching, guiding, coaching or I would just say “Gardening” them on their healing journey.

“We can think of ourselves not as teachers, but as gardeners. A gardener does not “grow” flowers; she tries to give them what she thinks they need and they grow by themselves.”

~ John Holt